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Shree Sadguru Dental Clinic is the multi-speciality dental clinic. We are located in central location of Old Sangvi i.e near Gajanan Maharaj Temple. We with our 6 consulting Doctors have been serving people since 2009. We provide complete dental solutions for kids and adults!Right from general dentistry to advanced procedures like Dental inplants, Full mouth rahabilitation, Smile designing ;we provide every dental treatment under one roof.
We have digital X ray facility that facilitates faster and more accurate diagnosis and treatment planning.
We have two fully well equipped dental setups to ensure best possible dental care for the society!

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Most frequent questions and answers

At age 7 is usually recommended as the front permanent teeth are erupting, unless your dentist has found an area of concern earlier (for example, a crossbite,sucking thumb habit ..). But This does not mean that treatment must be started this early Early treatment (Phase 1) is usually between the ages of 6 to 11 and is done to correct specific early problems that are best treated before eruption or growth is completed. Full treatment (with braces on all of the permanent teeth) is usually between ages 11 to 15. We pride at Smileright dental clinic on having the shortest treatment times possible and you will find that we are able to complete your orthodontic correction much faster than both for Phase 1-Phase 2 treatment and One Phase treatment. A critical part of achieving this goal is proper timing in placing the right braces.

Patients no longer need to be self-conscious about wearing braces. The “clear” ceramic braces are esthetically appealing and are very popular with orthodontic patients of all ages. It can make orthodontic therapy more “socially acceptable”
Also there social 6 lingual braces or the best clear alternative to braces,the Invisalign.

Absolutely! Regular dental check-ups are encouraged to prevent or detect dental decay and to monitor the health of the supporting structures. We will work closely with your general dentist throughout orthodontic therapy.

A number of studies have been done regarding the relationship between wisdom teeth and dental crowding after orthodontics. Overall, there are no studies that have actually shown wisdom teeth as a direct cause of post-orthodontic relapse. While wisdom teeth do need to be extracted for multiple other reasons, we can not scientifically say that impacted wisdom teeth will result in orthodontic relapse.

Unfortunately, just looking in the mirror at your bite does not show you if your bite is misaligned. Your dentist would be unable to determine if your teeth are misaligned. To assess if your bite is misaligned, there are some cost effective techniques, to see if your bite is properly aligned. However, even after practicing can’t just “eye-ball” whether you teeth are well aligned or not. It takes using special techniques to assess alignment!

Fortunately not ! Even if you already have restorative dental work like crowns and bridges. In fact, a growing part of orthodontics is using orthodontic techniques to extend the life of the remaining present healthy teeth by being proactive and making sure that the bite pressure is normally distributed across all of your teeth in your mouth. The result will be that your remaining healthy teeth will last longer than if your bite remained misaligned.
Correcting a patient’s bite can make definitely the restored teeth last longer too. So some persons are choosing to get braces as or right before having costly restorative work performed to minimize by this way the possible amount of restorative work (lower their cost) and so that they can make their restorative dental work last longer.

Why Choose Us


We offer an unrivalled number of dental health services under one roof. From dental check-ups to specialist areas including dental implants, endodontics, orthodontics, periodontics and prosthodontics, whatever treatment you need or want can be carried out by our caring, expert team in our modern polyclinic.

Our Team

Our dental team comprises nine dentists across our two locations, along with many dental nurses, reception and support staff. The dentists’ combined experience totals more than 120 years. All our staff share the ethos of putting the patients’ interest first, and treat every patient with the care, respect and professionalism they deserve.


We only use the latest technology, materials and techniques. Our technology includes an endodontic specialist microscope, dental laser, intra-oral cameras, needle-free anaesthesia and digital x-rays.

Affordable cost

We provide quality treatment at an affordable cost with convenient instalment scheduling.