Root Canal Treatment

We help you win your Natural amile back

We help you win your Natural amile back

We help you win your Natural smile back
Implant dentistry
Because Feeling Beautiful is a Beautiful Thing
Let us Give you the smile You Deserve!
Dazzling Smile
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Welcome to Shree Sadguru Dental Clinic

Where we care about your smiles!

Shree Sadguru Dental Clinic  is a modern-age and the best Dental Clinic in Sangvi Pune. They are putting forth exhaustive family dental and oral human services. Here experts from each division of dentistry go under one rooftop and give particular consideration to the patient. We offer the most recent and best medications at reasonable costs to the patients by conveying the most astounding standard of dental attention.

dental implant

Why our services are the best?

Sadguru Dental Clinic is one of the best dental clinic in Sangvi, Pune.

Our dentists are knowledgeable and skilled professionals dedicated to creating that beautiful smile.

As a patient of Sadguru dental, you can be assured of the best dental treatment by a dedicated team for a beautiful smile and good dental health.



We have some excellent reviews from our patients. Our clinic has become one of the best dental clinic in Pune due to our patient's reviews.



We take the quality of our work very seriously at Shree Sadguru Dental Clinic. We use the best quality equipment and provide the best quality care to our patients.



Patient care and customer satisfaction are the most important part of our practice.


Medical Equipment

Fully automatic computerized comfortable dental chairs and units.RVG (Digital Radiography)- With minimum radiation and Instant X-ray images.




How Stress Affects Oral Health

Ongoing stress can lead to a range of mental and physical issues, with studies finding links between stress and conditions as serious as obesity, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, diabetes and, of course, mental health issues such as depression.


Smoker’s Teeth: What is it and What can be done

We’re sorry to have to break this to you, but smoking is terrible for your teeth and overall oral health. It causes both cosmetic damage and more serious problems such as gum disease, potential tooth loss and even mouth cancer.


What Are Facial Aesthetics?

There are two ways to answer the question ‘what are facial aesthetics’ – it is not only the question of what the treatments are and what they entail but also what effect they can have and their benefits.